Emperor Racing

Take the sting out of costly radiator and or engine case damage.  We believe that your wallet is one thing that should not get stung.  Protect your bank balance and your investment.


 Scorpion Racing Inc. is dedicated to making the best possible products to protect your bike against damage. We are based in British Columbia Canada – where some of the world’s harshest riding terrain exists – the west coast Rockies.  

Heavy Duty Skid Plate Suzuki DRZ/KLX 400
Heavy Duty Skid Plate Suzuki DRZ/KLX 400

Fits KLX400 2003-12 DRZ400E 1999-12 DRZ400S 2000-12 The Emperor Heavy Duty Skid Plate, in our opinion, is the best skid plate available on the market today. With a 3/16? thick aluminium construction, Hand Tig welded wings with a Emperor scorpion...

History of Scorpion Racing:
Scorpion stung Canada in 2005 by lunching our first product line the Scorpion Radiator Guard to the Canadian market.  Many thanks to all that were willing to take a chance on a new and exciting product.  It was your courage that has made Scorpion Racing's first year in business an overwhelming success.
In 2006 Canada felt the sting again with the release of the Scorpion Lightweight Skid Plate and Scorpion Glide Plate.
It is now 2008 and Scorpion Racing is ready to sting the world with its latest innovations the Heavy Duty Skid Plate, Radiator Frame and Radiator Brace.
  The all-new Heavy Duty Skid Plate we believe to be the beast skid plate available on the market today. Constructed out of 3/16” thk high-grade aluminium with a Scorpion carved into each wing for bling factor hand tig welded and with all aluminium mounting brackets and all metric fasteners you can’t go wrong.  This is the perfect product for the hard core off road rider.
The all-new Radiator Frame available for most major motorcycle brands constructed out of 3/16” aluminium and 7/16” hex bar for the cross supports.  This open front design allows you to still run your stock radiator louvers for maximum airflow.  This is the ultimate in side impact protection for you radiator.

The all-new Radiator brace for the Honda CRF250R & CRF450R is constructed out of 1/8” aluminium offers the strongest triangular back brace on the market today.  Run your stock radiator louvers for maximum airflow.  What a great product for the Honda MX rider.